Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sample Bar: January

So I've had a few Sample Bar boxes now. I blogged about the first one I recieved in October, but got a little busy and eager and tore apart November and Decembers before I managed to snap some pictures.

I have to say January is my favourite box yet.

I absolutely love the products in this months box!

January Sample Bar Box

Description of products
The reason why this is my favourite box is because there and 3 products that I will be buying. Not just happy with sampling...but so happy with that I need to buy them!

In this months box there is:

Twistband Hairtie: zomg. I love the twistband I received. It's bright and fun and so easy to use. I always have a hair tie around my wrist. The twistband looks so cute in the hair or around the wrist. It doesn't snag and holds well. I want more! And I want to try to headbands.

Air Repair Eye Cream: I'm not someone that uses a lot of products and creams. I ave used the eye cream several times and I do feel as though my eyes are refreshed, but I can't really compare it to anything as I wouldn't normally use an eye cream.

Steamcream: zomg love, love,love times a thousand. I love Steamcream. I had run out of moisturizer and hadn't quite made it to repurchase any. Normally I'd use a Lush moisturiser. Steamcream comes in a funky tin, is light and refreshing to use, isn't greasy and to me smells reminiscent of Lush Angels on Bare Skin, my favourite cleanser. I will be repurchasing this soon! I never want to run out.

Le Tan Coconut Lotion: Argh! I'm so much in love with this sunscreen. It smells delicious and is the perfect size to throw into my handbag for school. Honestly you need this sunscreen. It is incredibly delicious smelling. I've been wearing it every day since I got it. Nick asked if I'd been baking because it smelt so good. I haven't been sunburnt either!

Hil Cook Solution Buds: this was the only product I wasn't keen on. Mostly because I'd rather use a cleansing towelette to clean off my make up... and also because I couldn't work out the twist and pull... There were two in the packet though. So next time I wake up with panda eyes, I'll be retrying the buds!

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  1. This was my favorite too for the same reasons!!! I have my Steam Cream right next to me, in fact!

  2. The Steamcream is amazing. I hate when a product feels heavy, but Steamcream is amazingly light and moisturising.