Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Best of 2012: Mainstream Collection

Well yesterday I posted a massive post full of my favourite 'mainstream' polishes from 2012. Today I have my favourite collection.

I had no trouble deciding what my favourite mainstream brand of 2012 was. China Glaze.
To be honest CG have released so many collections this year that anyone was bound to find a favourite polish amoungst them. In fact a number of China Glaze polishes made it into my top 20 list.

My favourite collection this year was by far the Electro pop collection from spring.
I have worn these polishes more often than any other polish I own. The cremes are the perfect base for glitter, in fact so many of my glitter swatches are over cremes from this collection, Gothic Lolita has hardly left my toes this year and Sunshine Pop was such a pretty pop of colour during winter. The only polish I'm not in love with from this collection is Techno.

Dance Baby

Sweet Hook

Fuchsia Fanatic

Gothic Lolita

Kinetic Candy

Electric Beat

Make Some Noise

Gaga for Green

Sunshine Pop


Techno over Aquadelic

Wicked Style

I'm looking forward to the 2013 Spring collection from China Glaze.


  1. I also loved this collection and bought every one of em which is rare now for me to do...I found in this group a blue I can wear - a light blue that is - Electric Beat does not give me lobster hands!!! I think 'cause it does not lean chalky like so many light blues do. This collection also was me telling myself these non traditional polish colors were here to stay and OK for any age group to wear and not just for teens/20' the end of the year I saw 70 something women wearing shades that rock and not just those old safe shades!

    1. My mums been keen on rocking blue lately. Not that she's in her 70's. she's in her 50's.

  2. These polishes look great on you! I passed over a lot of these -- I'm still in love with China Glaze's Up & Away and Anchors Away collections -- but the ones I have, I do love.

    1. I love the Up and Away collection as well. There's just something about bright and pastel cremes