Saturday, January 19, 2013

Floam Spam

We have been gardening all destroying nature (pruning) hurts the shoulders!

I think I need a massage tonight... hint hint Nick.

Anyway here are some gorgeous polishes...floam!

Girly Floam over OPI Sparrow Me the Drama

Girly Floam alone
Ohhhh I love Girly Floam. I thought I'd need undies... but I didn't! Girly floam is so deliciously girly and pink.

After no undies were required for Girly Floam I decided not to use undies for the others! Pinkerbell isn't a floam in name... but it is in nature!

Sunny Floam
How could you not be happy when wearing this gorgeous sunny polish!

Floam over CG Turned Up Turquoise
Ohhh! Floam how I love you! An old lady actually told me I'd never get a husband with these nails... luckily for me I have a hubby. And HE does the dishes.

Spooky Floam
What's better than Floam....Floam that glows in the dark... and reminds me of tigers.
Must add strips.


  1. Oooo lovely polishes and swatches, Pinkerbell & Sunny Floam added to my want (need) list!

    1. Thanks! You just have to be happy when you look at Floam covered nails :)