Thursday, January 24, 2013

Daily Lacquer: Lovely Moon Collection

Well it's a yicky cloudy day so far and I'm contending with the kitten for use of the keyboard.
but it shall be a fabulous day, because I'm going polish shopping with Lani!
(Check out Lani at  Lani Loves)

Anyway on to polish (if the kitten allows me to type!)

Today I have the Lovely Moon collection of polishes from Daily Lacquer to share.
 Little know fact... I think Sailor moon is awesome. In fact I totally want to dress up as Sailor Moon for Nicks work conference this year (seeing as I wasn't allowed last year).
So of course I had to buy Sailor Moon inspired polishes!

Rei over OPI Casino Royale
Rei is a gorgeous mix of red, purple, gold and holo glitters. I really love this combo and so far have worn Rei twice. Rei looks equally stunning over a light base.

Makoto over CG Refresh-mint
I love the green and pink of Makoto. Unfortunately I smooshed one of my nails. I only managed to caputer one pic before I ruined my mani. I love how evenly these glitter toppers disperse.

Moon Kitty
Moon kitty is a pretty mix of holo glitters in purple shimmer. This was 3 coats alone. I'd be inclined to suggest layering it over a purple base, Moon kitty was slightly gluggy.

Wow! I fell in love with Minako. I thought the glitter toppers would be my fave... but Minako is an amazing unique polish. Red, blue, holo, orange glitters in an orange base. Gorgeous. The formula was amazing as well.

Gorgeous bright blue crammed full of glitter? Need I say more!
Ami has a much better formula than Moon Kitty, I just wish the moons were more apparent. Whilst they came out with no fuss, they got lost in the layers.

Usagi over a blue I have gone blank on which I used though!
Usagi is a gorgeous combo of gold, holo, red, blue and white. Perfectly fitting for Sailor Moon! Once again no fishing needed for the hearts or moons... they just came out.

Gorgeous polishes from The Daily Lacquer! Now I just need the Moulin Rouge collection (argh I love that movie)

Daily Lacquer can be purchased here:

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