Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rainbow Honey: Equestria

Another gorgeous day in Welly!
I could get used to spending everyday at home, relaxing, in the sunshine!
But alas we start school next week on Monday. So I've been busy preparing for the start of the year.
Fortunately I've had plenty of time to play with amazing polishes! You can always make time for polish.

Today I have some absolutely stunning polishes to share. The Rainbow Honey Equestria collection  Rainbow Honey is one brand I wish I had more of. I love the branding, the logo, the bottles, the boxes... Everything just screams I'm gorgeous buy me! And the polishes are stunning. I have so many Rainbow Honey polishes on my wishlist.

Unfortunately at the moment these are the only ones I own (although my eye is on the new valentines collection).

Hoof Wrassel over OPI 

20% Cooler over OPI Fly

A Little Kindness over CG Lemon Fizz

Pinkie Promise over CG Dance Baby

The Element of Magic over OPI Planks A Lot

Mare of the Moon over a dark blue (sorry I can't remember!)

The Worst Possible Thing over ??? (argh not a good day for remembering)

Celestia over black
These polishes are obviously named for and inspired by My Little Pony. I personally don't get the craze for the new MLP... but I do have a nice collection of vintage My Little Ponies. I was a My Little Pony girl in the 80's (and early 90's).

My only regret is not buying these full size!

And of course... If you haven't already, enter my giveaway here

Part two of my giveaway arrived yesterday and I'll be posting that later tonight! So exciting!

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