Friday, January 25, 2013

Pretty & Polished: Spam

It's a beautiful sunny morning here in Wellington. Yay!
Unfortunately I'm stuck at homewith out a car, it's warrant of fitness day.
But 'lucky' for me I have far too much cleaning to do and need to try and rearrange the house to fit new furniture in.

Today I have some stunning polishes from Pretty & Polished to show you.
I was so excited when Pretty & Polished starting shipping internationally again. Before these awesome polishes I had only managed to snag three minis... and I wanted more!!!

Pool Party 3 coats
Pool Party is such a gorgeous blue base with shimmer and fun glitters strewn all the way through. i love the glitter distribution in Pool Party, I often feel there is too much glitter in polishes... Pool Party is perfect in my opinion. I know some people will disagree but I love that there's not too much glitter on the nail.

Rat-a-tat over CG For Audrey
Rat-a-tat is awesome. A seriously amazing combination. Who doesn't love black glitter? and to add a turquoise/teal glitter as well? Love love love.

Diner Daze over OPI Red Lights Ahead...Where
Diner Daze is a thinner red jelly with white and black glitters. I found it was best to apply it over a bright red base. i used two coats so my glitters still appear sandwhiched.

Hearts and Daggers over Zoya Dove
Hearts and daggers, as you can imagine, is a bit of a pain to apply... but it is rather pretty. I'm not normally one for heart glitters, but I acytually like the hearts in Hearts and Daggers. Best to dab this one on! I love the combination of colours over a grey creme.

Spring Fling 4 coats
I am insanely in love with all of the Pretyt & Polished colour changing polishes. I especially love adding a glitter topper for an easy gradient. I'm lucky my nail  beds are small and I end up with quite a bit of free edge. Most of the day these awesome polishes have a very cool gradient happening on me. Spring Fling is a bright green when warm and darker when cool.

Dolli-pop 3 coats
Dolli-pop is a blue when warm and purple when cool.

Day Trippin'
Day Trippin' is a pretty pink tone when warm and a purple the same shade as Dolli-pop when cool. Yes you do need them both... they're different colours when warm!

Candy Corn
Candy Corn is a stunning bright yellow when warm and orange when cool. I've seen some people complain the warm yellow is snot coloured... not so with my bottle! this is one polishes that my camera hasn't mae appear brighter or yellower. My bottle is most definitely a bright yellow.

Phoenix over Candy Corn
And this is one of my favourite mani's of 2012. Phoenix is a stunning red and yellow glitter, throw it on over Candy Corn and you have the most awesome nails ever.

I am now eagerly awaiting my recent Pretty & Polished order... Bet you can guess what I ordered...


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  1. Great swatches! now I want all the color changing polishes!

    1. Colour changers are so awesome! And the Pretty and Polished ones are gorgeous. i can't wait for my order of three of the new ones to arrive :)

  2. OMG!!! You are right! They are def gorgeous looking nail polishes. i so love each and every color. I wish I can have them all. They look so elegant and classy.