Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Best of 2012: Indie Collection

It wasn't hard for me to choose my favourite indie collection for the year... although I'm probably cheating a little as this was actually several collections released over the year to form one super collection!

Girly Bits Calendar Girls!

February: Promise Me

March: Magically Delicious

April: Hippity Hop over CG Sweet Hook

May: Mother May I?

June: Daddy's Girl over Color Club  Cold Metal

July: Canadian Eh over black

July: Vive la Revolution over SC Grecian Blue

July: Star Spangled

August: Wet Bikini over CG Exotic Encounter

September: Indian Summer over CG Electric Beat

October: Howl at the Moon over black

November: Crunchy Leaves
I didn't include the Halloween or Christmas polishes as they were their own collections.

The only thing that bugs me is I don't know which is the December polish! Was there an official December? In my head I like to imagine that Fathomless was the December polish... But really I would love to know... So if anyone knows which the official December polish was please let me know!


  1. Its gorgeouss <3

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  2. Feb promise me is soooooo awesome

  3. Ohh thank you for posting this!
    I actually have not released the Dec polish, mostly due to being closed for the last two weeks of the year. It`s coming though.
    And, it looks like you have some curling glitter in your Magically Delicious there. Please email me with your shipping address, and I will send you the new version.
    You are also missing January Morning. =) I can include that if you`d like.