Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Birchville Dam

Over the summer holidays mum has been determined to walk everyday. To help break up the monotony of walking the streets, I took her out to the Birchville Dam in Upper Hutt. 
It was a gorgeous day, so we were very grateful for the tree cover.

It's a 20min walk to the dam which is rather picturesque. The dam was built in the 1930's, to replace an earlier dam. It stopped being used in the late 50's.

The track
Looking down on the dam.
The catchment
At the top of the dam
At the base of the dam
Looking up
Swing bridge at the start of the track
Anyway a nice break from nail pics! If you live in the Wellington region i highly recommend walking out to the Birchville dam. If you're so inclined you can start at Totara Park and walk across to Birchville, via cannon Point, which has amazing views of the valley. That's the walk we do with the kids and it takes about 2 hours (unless you are the poor teacher stuck at the back with the slowest group of children on the planet. Then it takes about 3 hours and you bribe them with lollies to keep moving.)

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