Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dollish Polish: This is Halloween

Happy Halloween!

I've saved my favourite Halloween collection to share with you all today. The Dollish Polish This is Halloween collection.

I was lucky enough and managed to pick up every polish in the collection. How could I pass on Nightmare Before Christmas references?

This is Halloween, 3 coats alone
This is Halloween, 1 coat over CG Near Dark

Deadly Nightshade, 1 coat over CG Grape Pop

Spectral Pup, 1 coat over CG Electric beat

Vampires Coven, 1 coat over CG Purr-fect Plum

What's This/ What's this? 1 coat over Zoya Dove
Somethings Up With Jack ,1 coat over OPI Flit a Bit
Somethings Up With Jack ,1 coat over CG Haunted

I'm the Boogie Man, 3 coats alone

We're Simply Meant to Be, 1 coat over CG Sweet Hook
I love love love every polish in this collection, but my surprise favourite was We're Simply Meant to Be. I've worn it 3 times since I received it! I absolutely adore it over a light colour. Sweet Hook and Kinetic Candy are perfect bases.

Sample Bar: October

I thought I should probably get my Sample Bar box posted before October was up... seeing as this is the October box!

I was incredibly excited when I discovered that a beauty box sample service would be launching in New Zealand. I've drooled over the box posts I've seen online and lamented in the fact that there was never a service available to New Zealand...

Thankfully Sample Bar has stepped in to fill the surprise beauty box subscription service void in my life.

October was their first month and I can honestly say I'm looking forward to Novembers!

Pretty white bow and stylish black box

Black tissue paper...

Yoga? Yeah I'm far too uncoordinated but a nice touch was a month subscription to yoga.

The goods
Model co Turbo Lash Wand- Zomg! I love this lash curler. I curled my lashes then picked Nick up from work. He look at me quizzically and asked why my eyes looked so pretty.

Evo The Great Hydrator- I haven't used this yet. I'm waiting til Nicks Christmas function next week... I can't wait to try it, reviews have been fab.

Moa The Green Balm- You can use this anywhere.. I of course have been using it on my cuticals. So far so good and I like the fresh smell.

Wine Wipes- I don't drink red wine (it burns my lip and I'm a wuss) so I haven't tried these yet... maybe at Nicks Christmas function!

Dermalogica Micro Exfoliant- I used this for the first time yesterday and was surprised at just how smooth my skin felt the next day. Though I'm not sure I'd pay $134 for it.

Facial Fresh mask
Facial Fresh Face Mask- I plan to test this out in the weekend!

I'm very happy with my first Sample Bar box.

If you'd like to get your own box head on over to Sample Bar and sign up to the November waitlist. For $25 a month including shipping Id say it was definitely worth it!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

China Glaze: Wicked

Yet another Halloween themed post! These are my picks from China Glazes Halloween offering this year, the Wicked collection.

I ended up buying three of the six polishes available and loved all three. I'm still umming and ahhing over Cast a Spell. It may jump into my cart when I order the Christmas polishes.

Make a Spectacle


Glitter Goblin

Monday, October 29, 2012

Four Elements: Earth

Today, running late as usual... I have the last of the four elements challenges. EARTH!

I have this strange compulsion to start singing Captain Planet...

Anyway here is my earth offering.

A gorgeous dark brown covered with a generous helping of gold... you know riches of the earth and such.

OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys with Essie As Gold As It Gets
I absolutely love this combination. I found it hard narrowing down pictures to post, I took a bajillion and they were all gorgeous.

Unfortunately I'm once again piking on the make up front. I'm a little nervous around my eyes at the moment. they've been slightly irritated lately (must be Spring) and I managed to dislodge a contact rubbing my eyes the other night. trust me that wasn't a fun experience trying to get it back out.
So i'm being gentle to my eyes at the moment. no contacts and no make up this week.

Girly Bits: October

Once again I'm attempting to blog from the school iPad... Why can't blogger just work like normal? It's fine if I just want to type and ramble on, but labeling pictures...ARGH.

If anyone knows a great way to blog using an iPad or android tablet. Let me know! I'd really like to update my almost 5 year old HP mini netbook but I need to be able to blog comfortably. Maybe I'll have to go the Microsoft surface way.

Today's polish is a stunner. Girls Bits October, Howl at the Moon. I've chosen to layer it over a black crime but Howl at the Moon is actually a dark blurple jelly with gorgeous gold glitter of varying sizes.

Howl at the Moon

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pahlish: Halloween

A few indie polish creators were inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas this year for Halloween.
Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my staple Christmas Eve movies.

Christmas Eve at our place normally consists of watching Nightmare Before Christmas and Elf. It's a nice tradition.

So I am personally loving all the Nightmare Before Christmas references... although to me it'll always be a Christmas movie rather than a Halloween. Luckily Pahlish has said she will be releasing some Christmas themed Nightmare Before Christmas polishes.

Pahlish also released two NBC Halloween polishes...which of course I promptly snapped up.

Bony Fingers
This was one coat of Bony Fingers over aEngland Camelot. I love this mix of white glitter, silver holo glitter and black jelly. It's the epitome of Nightmare Before Christmas and Jack Skellington.

Tragedy's at Hand
Tragedy's at Hand is the Sally polish and in all honesty I don't know how I feel about it. In this picture I've used three coats alone on my ring finger and two coats over Essie Nice is Nice on every other finger. It's pretty, but I just don't love it. The base seemed too thin for the glitter and I'm not entirely sure about the green and purple... Maybe I just haven't found the right base for it, or the right outfit to wear it with.

Hare: The Monster

Continuing the Halloween theme...

Here's Hare The Monster. This was my first Hare polish and hopefully it won't be my last! I have had issues when it comes to deciding which to buy next though... I wants them all.

The Monster
The Monster reminds me of a a teal version of Dollish Polish Zombie Flesh. I used three coats here. I love the little black glitters. I think I wanted it to be brighter. It's a pretty greyed out tone, but I think I would have love, love, loved it if it had been brighter.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Girly Bits: Halloween

W00t! It's the weekend... and rather than finishing marking tests, starting to write my reports or typing up my kids stories (have you tried to get a 7 year old t type up their own story....argh, it's painful and you have to edit so much. It's just easier to do it myself when I need it quickly)

Anyway rather than do all of those things I need to/should be doing... I'm going shopping with Lani.
A day filled with polish, cute accessories and pet stores sounds way cooler than working all weekend.

Every day from now until Wednesday, I will have a fabulous Halloween inspired post. I didn't realise how many Halloween themed polishes I' managed to pick up this year... so there may be double posting!

Todays offering is the three polishes I picked up from the Girly Bits Halloween collection.

Monster Mash over CG Gaga for Green
Monster Mash is a fab mix of green and gold glitter, black squares and shards and a radioactive looking tinted base.

Candy Corn over CC Pucci-licous
Candy Corn is the obligatory yellow, orange and white candy corn inspired polish. I have no idea what candy corn is like... we don't get it in NZ, is it chewy or crunchy? What is it really? I just know it's stripped candy that is associated with Halloween. It's funny how I associate something I have no idea what it really is with Halloween because of how Americanised western society seems to be.

Apparition over CG Kinetic Candy and aEngland Camelot
Apparition is the polish I had to apply as soon as I got it. Gorgeous off white glitters, holo bars and opalescent glitters that change colour depending on the base you use and the lighting. I want to layer it over everything!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dollish Polish: Welcome to Rapture

Not a Halloween polish today, although I did just apply a generous helping of Naild it Hocus Bogus, so I'm rocking Halloween nails!

Welcome To Rapture is an awesome glitter bomb. It basically has every color of glitter you can imagine. Here I've added a coat to Essie No More Film.

Once again I'm trying to blog using the school iPad and finding it frustrating... So I'll leave it at that! Enjoy the pics of Welcome to Rapture, it really is a gorgeous glitter bomb.

1 Coat of Dollish Polish Welcome to Rapture over Essie no more Film

2 Coats of Dollish Polish Welcome to Rapture over Essie no more Film