Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Picture Polish

Wow, I'm being so lazy. It's 10:15am and I'm still lying in bed, playing on my netbook. It is my holidays after all.

I have to get up soon and start my 30 day shred for October... Argh it's been months since I did a shred. This is not going to go well! I was supposed to start yesterday with it being the 1st and all... but... I got distracted? There are 31 days in October though... So I will finish on the 31st now. Oh well gotta lose that 6kg I put on over winter. Why is winter so bad for the figure! (or at least my figure!)

Anyway today I have two amazing polishes to share. I've been leeming some Picture Polish polishes for awhile, but always thought they were too darn expensive. Until I found Gracie Lou.

I quickly snapped up Denim and Masquerade.

This was three coats of Denim... omg new favourite blue alert. I love wearing blues and Denim is an absolutely stunning blue. Everyone needs this polish in their collection. Look at the shimmer and the flecks...mmm...

Masquerade over black
I wasn't sure to expect from Masquerade. I kinda threw it in on impulse. This is two coats over a black base. Masquerade is definitely a topper. It has cool colour shifting glitter and looks particularly stunning over a dark base.

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