Saturday, October 27, 2012

Girly Bits: Halloween

W00t! It's the weekend... and rather than finishing marking tests, starting to write my reports or typing up my kids stories (have you tried to get a 7 year old t type up their own story....argh, it's painful and you have to edit so much. It's just easier to do it myself when I need it quickly)

Anyway rather than do all of those things I need to/should be doing... I'm going shopping with Lani.
A day filled with polish, cute accessories and pet stores sounds way cooler than working all weekend.

Every day from now until Wednesday, I will have a fabulous Halloween inspired post. I didn't realise how many Halloween themed polishes I' managed to pick up this year... so there may be double posting!

Todays offering is the three polishes I picked up from the Girly Bits Halloween collection.

Monster Mash over CG Gaga for Green
Monster Mash is a fab mix of green and gold glitter, black squares and shards and a radioactive looking tinted base.

Candy Corn over CC Pucci-licous
Candy Corn is the obligatory yellow, orange and white candy corn inspired polish. I have no idea what candy corn is like... we don't get it in NZ, is it chewy or crunchy? What is it really? I just know it's stripped candy that is associated with Halloween. It's funny how I associate something I have no idea what it really is with Halloween because of how Americanised western society seems to be.

Apparition over CG Kinetic Candy and aEngland Camelot
Apparition is the polish I had to apply as soon as I got it. Gorgeous off white glitters, holo bars and opalescent glitters that change colour depending on the base you use and the lighting. I want to layer it over everything!

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