Monday, October 8, 2012


That's right recently I was a winner.
Generally I'm a highly unlucky person when it comes to giveaways and draws (although I count myself highly lucky in life in general!)

but I was a winner! I won Michaela from Nail Polish Anon NZ Giveaway.

I was lucky enough to receive Sinful Colors Cinderella, Sally Hansen Aisle Be There and a French Tip Dipping system.

Sinful Colors Cinderella
I had Cinderella already, but had de-stashed it and was feeling a bit remorseful. I mean it is named after a princess... I do need to have anything and everything princess related! I must have been having a bad hand day when I decided to part with it originally, because re-swatching it with the gorgeous bottle Michaela sent me made me love it all over again.

Aisle be There
Aisle be There is so pretty. I really should try it out over some other colours... I'm thinking a nice dark dusty blue... I love this picture in the shade it really shows the beauty of the polish.

What I was most excited to try though was the French Tip dipping system. I suck at doing free hand tips, so you've probably never seen me attempt a french manicure before.

This is my first ever attempt using the French Tip Dip kit and wow was it easy. All I needed to do was decant a little white polish into a pottle, dip the plastic guide in, swipe it on my nail...and we're done. I had a little bit of issues matching which tip I should use to my nails. I used the smallest on my ring and pinky and the 2nd smallest on my middle and pointer.

French Tipped Aisle be There

Thanks Michaela!

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