Sunday, October 7, 2012

Four Elements Challenge: Fire

Normally I'm not one for challenges, but when I saw this one for the four elements I had to ask to join. One per week, that's something even I can manage.

I'm a few days late, but here are my interpretations of fire!

Pahlish Fire in the Taco Bell over OPI A Roll in the Hague
This was the actual mani I was wearing on the 4th of October. So when I saw the challenge I knew it was fate. Nick referred to my polish as flame nails all day. I really enjoyed wearing this combo.

NYX Round Lipstick Electra, Nyx and Metis
The challenge is also a make up challenge. I was feeling rather uninspired when it came to eye shadow, but I immediately knew I wanted to do a gradient lip. I used Nyx first then Electra in the corners and Metis in the center of my lips. Argh, this was difficult to capture. The red was actually far more intense.