Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Orly Sashay My Way

Argh! I'm feeling so frustrated.

I spent all holidays (2 weeks) eating mostly healthy. Hardly ever going over my set calorie intake. Exercising everyday, walking and using the elliptical...

And do you think I lost weight? Nope!

Argh! The scales should lie, it would be so much more motivating to see them going down. Instead they went down, then up, then up. They really need to start moving back down now!
I'm not giving up... but it would have been nice to have something to show for my effort this holiday.
There's only 3 weeks until Nicks work function. I'd like to look awesome in my dress lol.

Today I have a sparkly goody from Orly. Sashay My Way is a gold bar and hex holo glitter from the Flash Glam FX collection. So it's the only one I have bought.

 Orly Sashay My Way over 2 coats of CG Near Dark. I only did 2 coats as I knew I wanted to jelly sandwich it!
And now my sandwich!

I really loved how murky Near Dark was in contrast to the bling of Sashay My Way.
Near Dark is not a good colour to photograph in bright sunshine!
not that I'm complaining... Bring on Summer. Only 9 and 1/2 weeks to go until summer holidays...

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