Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Darling Diva Polish: The 13th Colony

Wow, I'm over half way through my holidays and haven't achieved half of what I wanted to.
Last school holidays I was working most of the time trying to get portfolios (reports but much more work) done. So this school holidays I've kind of just wanted to do nothing.

I have managed to re-swatch my entire China Glaze collection though! That was no small feat.
I have also been working hard to get back into a good routine of exercise and healthier eating.
I still haven't manage to get into a good routine of doing the 30 day shred everyday, but I have been doing 20-30 min on the elliptical and trying to do at least a 30 min walk everyday. Unfortunately yesterday the weather turned against me.

Darling Diva Polish is one of the first indie brands I bought and not too long ago I made my second order.

Today I have The 13th Colony to show you.
I am somewhat a nerd when it comes to tv choices, but in all honesty I have never watched Battlestar Galatica, so I have no clue of the meaning behind the polish. All I knew was when I saw swatches of The 13th Colony I had to have it.

DDP The 13th Colony over Sinful Colours Athens
I love the mix of glitter, and this was only one coat of The 13th Colony. My favourite thing about the polish is white glitters, gorgeous.

I actually received my DDP order just after my Candeo order and as soon as I opened it my hear sank a little. I had been so excited about about The 13th Colony but when I opened my parcel I was immediately reminded of Candeo Dive Bomb.

But the good news is they are nothing alike!

Candeo Dive Bomb over aEngland Galahad
The similarity is that they both have blues and teals and copper. The difference is 13th Colony has white and green glitter, and the glitter is different sizes.

Totally worth owning both!

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