Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Darling Diva Polish: Release the Kraken v2

The last of my Darling Diva Polishes to share, well the last until I get more, is Release the Kraken v2.

Who can resist a creamy base filled with a bajillion different glitters? Umm....not me! I had to have RElease the Kraken as soon as I saw pictures... but as it was a super limited edition I knew I'd never get it.When DDP came out with v2 it jumped straight into my cart and gave me the perfect excuse to pic up 4 more polishes.

DDP RElease the Kraken v2 (3 coats)
Then I got a little creative... and applied a coat of Pink Shatter...

Release the Kraken v2 with OPI Pink Shatter
I like how the Pink Shatter is more of a jelly and allows the glitter from Release the Kraken v2 to show through. Very candy-esque.

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