Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pahlish: Halloween

A few indie polish creators were inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas this year for Halloween.
Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my staple Christmas Eve movies.

Christmas Eve at our place normally consists of watching Nightmare Before Christmas and Elf. It's a nice tradition.

So I am personally loving all the Nightmare Before Christmas references... although to me it'll always be a Christmas movie rather than a Halloween. Luckily Pahlish has said she will be releasing some Christmas themed Nightmare Before Christmas polishes.

Pahlish also released two NBC Halloween polishes...which of course I promptly snapped up.

Bony Fingers
This was one coat of Bony Fingers over aEngland Camelot. I love this mix of white glitter, silver holo glitter and black jelly. It's the epitome of Nightmare Before Christmas and Jack Skellington.

Tragedy's at Hand
Tragedy's at Hand is the Sally polish and in all honesty I don't know how I feel about it. In this picture I've used three coats alone on my ring finger and two coats over Essie Nice is Nice on every other finger. It's pretty, but I just don't love it. The base seemed too thin for the glitter and I'm not entirely sure about the green and purple... Maybe I just haven't found the right base for it, or the right outfit to wear it with.


  1. I never saw Tragedy's At Hand. Was it super limited edition or something? Boney Fingers looks so much better in your swatches than on the etsy listing! I thought it was so average, but now I wish I had gotten it! I like the idea of TAH but the base does look way too thin for the chunky glitters, maybe a couple coats of glitter tamer would sort it out? The shimmer in it is pretty spectacular

    1. As far as I know they were both released for Halloween at the same time. I don't recall anything about limited edition? I just bought them because they were Nightmare Before Christmas!

      I think I like Tragedys at Hand better over a base... But my issue may be that the first time I applied it I wasn't well and mad a total mess of my nails. I may still be holding that against it.

      I have a rather thick bottle of seche... maybe that will help!