Saturday, September 24, 2011

Glitter Gal in New Zealand

Over the last year Glitter Gal polishes have been showing up all over blogs, causing me to drool. Have you seen the gorgeous sparkly holoness? As soon as pics began popping up I googled Glitter Gal to see how I could get my hands on these amazing polishes.

I found out Glitter Gal was an Australian company and I'd need to order from Australia. Unfortunately for me the New Zealand dollar isn't so good against the Aussie and my credit card would have cried a lot at the currency conversion. So I never managed to get my hands on the Glitter Gal holos.

The good news is that New Zealanders can now get their hands on Glitter Gal polishes. We don't need to order from Australia or scour ebay. Glitter Gal now have a New Zealand stockist. Check out polishqueennz on trade me or email Lisa on

I was lucky enough to be sent two gorgeous bottles of polish for review. Check out these bottle shots!

Frappe and Silver
I'm wearing Silver in these pictures and have been for the last three days. I have no intention of ever taking it off....seriously Silver is just that pretty. Hopefully the sun will play nice with me today so I can take some pictures of Frappe. I plan to post my review of these polishes later today.

You may have noticed that Glitter Gal polishes are smaller than usual. They are 9ml bottles. The reasoning behind this is that Glitter Gal uses true holographic particles which is expensive. To keep the polishes affordable the bottles are smaller.


  1. I want these. Even more than I want NFU-OH. Seriously!

  2. They are amazing polishes and the colours are much more exciting than the nfu-oh colours. Luckily glitter gal has a USA stockist and you can get them on ebay.

  3. this is soo pretty and you cause me drools! oh my godd!!!!

  4. Wow!!
    they look so great!!
    Lucky girl!

  5. The silver is full of the goodness!!!! I looove it!


  6. Try the silver holo over any polish, this is what the Brazilians do! Thanks the Glitter Gals Kerry and Anna