Sunday, September 25, 2011

Glitter Gal: 3d Holographic Silver

I showed off the gorgeous bottle shots of Glitter Gal Silver and Frappe yesterday. If you thought they looked amazing in the bottle...they're insane on the nail!

I'm going to have to say that Silver is my new favourite nail polish. I'm not normally a silver girl, but I loved the way Silver looked on my nails...even in shade and low light. And when I saw it in the sun...WOW! It is insanely holographic. I can see what Glitter Gal mean when they say they use true holographic particles.

Anyway pictures...these are after 2 days of wear...and still look amazing. I took pictures several times during the day to showcase the polish in different lights. I used three coats of Silver and 1 coat of Seche Vite.

Late at night in the light of my bedside lamp. Drooooool.
A few rays of sunshine poked through my classroom window after the rain. Gotta love the whiteboard marker!

Making the most of the last sunlight of the day to capture gorgeous holo goodness! 
Under artificial light, when there are only a few beams of sun poking between the clouds and even when the sun is trying to set and making everything look golden, there is still holo. Silver is an amazing polish. I'm lucky enough to own several silver holo's including China Glaze Sexagon and I think Glitter Gal Silver is the best hands down. I'll do a comparison when the sun decides to play nice again.

If you're in New Zealand and want to get your hands on Silver or any of the other stunning Glitter Gal colours contact Lisa on or check out polishqueennz on trade me.

More info on Glitter Gal 3d Holographic polishes:

Glitter Gal Holographic nail polish
We use “true” holographic particles in our formulation.  This one ingredient is 30 times more expensive than any other nail polish ingredient.  Thus making our holographic nail polish the highest quality possible.  You will notice the smoothness to the finish of polish, and reflective effects are amazing.  They are also the “Big 3 Free”. 

Many other companies have tried create holographics, but use the more affordable ingredients, which don’t give the polishes the same effect, we didnt want to compromise on quality and wanted to deliver to our customers a true holographic formulation.


  1. I love this! sooo pretty! new follower here!

  2. The Glitter Gal polishes are amazing I need Marine Blue and Lizard Belly. I was always worried the bottles were so small, but now I've tried them I need them all.

  3. thanks so much for the great pics - love the Glitter Gals Australia-Kerry and Anna

  4. HOW GORGEOUS!! This would kill the China Glaze OMG lemming for me!


  5. Is this holo as chunky as China Glaze Sexagon? I'm looking for a silver holo for my sister's birthday, and she wants the holo to be on the chunkier side.

  6. Hey ya Nikki, I'll compare them when I get home this afternoon for you :)