Friday, September 9, 2011

Black Out!

I can't pretend to be the biggest rugby supporter, but I can't hide from the Rugby World Cup this month!

Today was the opening ceremony so we had our own opening ceremony at school.
We wore black and hoisted the New Zealand flag. We sang God Save New Zealand and introduced the 'All Blacks'.

In honour of our Black out day I wore my newest black polish. China Glaze Haunting. The silver glitter tied in nicely to represent the silver fern...

China Glaze Haunting
I watched the opening ceremony and the first few minutes of the game between New Zealand and Tonga...but I couldn't last. I'm just really not into watching rugby. I'll be checking the score regularly though! I like the score just not so much the game.


  1. What a great polish! It looks so shiny, did you use a top coat?

  2. Sorry I forgot to say I was wearing a top coat. I threw on a coat of China Glaze Fast Forward. I'm not into wearing dark colours on my fingers, but I really liked haunting. It's still on.