Monday, September 26, 2011

Can You Help?

I feel a little  bad posting this...but I'm desperate.

I've been seeing pictures and I thought I could live without...but I can't. I must have the Essence Twins Bella and Edward in my life. No it's not because I have an obsession with Twilight, just an unhealthy obsession with nail polish and I need everything in that gorgeous blue/green, green/blue shade.
It's my favourite colour!

If you're able to help I'm more than happy to swap things, pay money, send chocolates, be a life long slave... ok maybe not a life long slave, but I'll love you forever.

I'm just not able to swap nail polish :( I've had two parcels stopped at customs and I'm a little bit of a wuss to try again.


  1. lol
    where are you from?
    email me at
    maybe we can arrange something ;-)

  2. you can have mine if you want. I'm not overly attached to them

  3. Really Lisa? Are you sure? I'd hate to break up your collection.

  4. I know how you feel! Hope you get your hands on them :)

  5. i'm dying to get these too! and chuck and blair

  6. i have a hook up on these, girl, if you still need em! :) drop me a comment and i'll point you in the right direction