Thursday, September 8, 2011

Zoya Mirrors

We had a beautiful sunny day last Saturday so I swatched a bunch of polishes. Hopefully it's a gorgeous sunny day this Saturday. I'm ready for summer, bring on the sun!

One of the collections I managed to swatch was the Zoya Mirrors collection. I must say I love Zoya I just wish that Zoya polishes were easier to get. That I didn't have to find e-tailers willing to ship to NZ. Yes I know that there's a website I can get Zoya from in New Zealand but $21 a bottle? and they only just got the Intimates collection?

Anyway...Zoya Mirrors...AWESOME.

 Yara is a gorgeous olive green with gold shimmer. A very pretty colour that is not your usual.

 Neeka is my favourite of the bunch.A gorgeous smokey purple with seriously pretty shimmer. Love.

 I wasn't sure I would like the three metallic colours in the collection. I found them much better than I'd anticipated. Not streaky at all.Marina is a gorgeous greyed metallic blue.

 I know a lot f people are complaining that Jem is a dupe of a Valerie, but I still love Jem. It has slighty more gold to it in my opinion. Either way I kept Jem and gifted Valerie to mum.

 Nimue is my least favourite of the collection. Greyed lilac. It looks kind of wishy washy on me...well at least I think it looks wishy washy.

I like Tao more than I thought I would. Tao is actually a really nice grey metallic. Soft yet stylish.

So there you have it the Zoya Mirrors collection.

In other news Smokey has found her tail.


  1. Yara and Neeka are my favorites! Great swatches!


  2. I love all these colors!! I'm going to have to pick some up!!