Friday, September 23, 2011

ORLY Birds of a Feather

I've self diagnosed myself to be suffering from end-of-school-term-itis. I'm tired and achey, moody and headachey and my voice is going in and out. It's most definitely near the the end of term. The kids are all tired and cranky as well. Normally it would be the school holidays now, but thanks to the Rugby World Cup we still have 2 weeks to go.

I was very excited for the Orly Birds of a Feather collection. A purple toned flakey? Shimmery blue? they sound like my kind of colours! I rushed to Fowl Play as soon as I knew it was out. Sweet Peacock had to wait a couple of weeks but there was a buy one get one free special on Orly so I was determined to have Sweet Paecock and Nite Owl. I thought that Nite Owl would be the easy one to find...wrong. There were none left at all, anywhere that I looked. So I picked my Sweet Peacock and a bottle of Fowl Play for mum. Yup there was a bottle of Fowl Play but no Nite Owl!

Last week I wondered into Farmers on the off chance there could be something I wanted, I had a $20 beauty club voucher. Revlon display...nothing, Butter London...nothing, Opi...nothing. And then I thought I'd try one last time for Nite Owl at the Orly display. The Birds of a Feather display was long gone but a bottle hidden in the core collection caught my eye...Nite Owl! Someone had stuffed it in the back...but it was mine now.

Anyway enough rambling on to pictures!

Fowl Play

Nite Owl

Sweet Peacock
All three polishes are so different and I'd most definitely say they were must haves. I didn't feel the need to purchase the other three in the collection but pictures I've seen look gorgeous. All in all Orly had a winner with this collection. 


  1. I have Fowl Play and Sweet Peacock (can't wait to try them) but I passed on Nite Owl. How wrong was I? It's so pretty!

    Aww, school will be over before you know it. At least I hope it does. :)

  2. This collection is absolutely beautiful!

  3. I have none of those yet! They are all so pretty!