Monday, November 29, 2010

Summer Days

Summer has kicked in! We've hardly had a cloudy day for the last 3 weeks. I'm starting to get a sandal tan, and have a lovely designer bracelet, watch strap tan. Nick tells me white however isnt a shade of tan :(

A polish collection that is one of my favourites is the Summer Days collection from China glaze in 2009. Unfortunately it doesn't wear very well on me. All the polishes are rather sheer and need 3 coats, but most importantly they are all glass flecked!

 Orange Marmalade is a stunning bright orange with golden glass flecks. It's a beautiful colour that looks amazing for summer. There's something about orange polish that screams summer to me.

 Cherry Pie is a reddish orange polish that seems to have light pinky glass flecks in it. It'd not one of the colours I would usually wear, but it's still rather pretty and I do like the name!

Raspberry Festival is the pinky red in the collection. Laced with pink glass flecks it reminds me of a raspberry Popsicle. That fake raspberry that you find in confectionery. mmm....sugar!

Strawberry Fields is an amazing pink colour. It's so stunning. Bright pink with golden glass flecks. It's just so pretty. 

Grape juice does remind me of an ice cold juice. I'm not sure it's the colour of grapes though! The silver glass flecks do remind me of a refreshing beverage though.

I tried to get away with only using two coats of Watermelon Rind, and you can see why you need to use three coats for these polishes! Watermelon Rind is a pretty blue tinged green that looks very edible even if I don't eat the rinds of watermelons myself!

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