Saturday, November 6, 2010

Up and Away: Pastels

As I said earlier the pastels don't do much for me. I doubt I'll keep any of them, they seem to make my hands red or dead!

Something Sweet.
Yes it's a sweet pink, but no it doesn't look good on me. The application was fine, I was happy with the polish its self but blah pastels.
Something Sweet
Light As Air.
Well Light As Air made my hands look dead, not really my colour. Once again the polish its self fantastic, but yucky pastels.

Light as Air
Re-fresh Mint
So much promise a minty fresh green, but blah it's too pale. I know some people love pastels, I just don't!

Re-fresh Mint
Lemon Fizz.
Lemon Fizz was the only pastel I thought I might be able to wear, but I love Happy Go Lucky so much more that when I compare them I just think blah pastels. Yes I'm not pastels biggest fan!

Lemon Fizz
Peachy Keen.
Peachy Keen wasn't so much peachy and delicious but more a paled orange. I wouldn't exactly class it as a pastel, but I still didn't really like it. It brought out the orange tone in my hands and made me feel like I had a bad tan job and got my nails to match!

Peachy Keen
Sugar High.
Sugar High isn't a pastel, I just included it to make 2 even posts of 6 colours. I like things to be even. I love Sugar High it's a bright pink that looks fantastic. I love pink cremes and this one is fabulous.

Sugar High

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