Sunday, November 7, 2010

Vintage Vixen

Seeing as I'm on a bit of a China Glaze kick lately, heres some more!

I ordered the Cats Meow set from the Vintage Vixen collection. I love 4 out of 6 of the polishes. One really surprised me I didn't expect to love it so much. The Vintage Vixen collection is another collection I see cartoon characters for. I may just have to draw them!

Emerald Fitzgerald, Midnight Mission, First Class Ticket, Riveter Rouge, Going My Way and Classic Camel.
Emerald Fitzgerald is a beautiful green with a smokey tealness to it. I imagine her as a sophisticated lady in a long satin bias cut dress, gathered in all the right places of course! I love this colour and it applied smoothly. I almost thought I might get away with one coat.
Emerald Fitzgerald
Midnight Mission.
My favourite of the collection. I was trying out my new polishes and when I put on Midnight Mission I didn't want to take her off. I walked round our house with 4 fingers painted saying "ohhh it's so pretty". Dark blue, yet not so dark that it looks black, with silver shimmery glitter. So pretty. As soon as I'd finished playing I painted my nails with Midnight Mission, then matched my dress to it.

Midnight Mission
First Class Ticket.
First Class Ticket was one of my not love so much polishes from this collection. I love purple, I love blue, but I'm not really into that blurpley purple. It's a pretty colour, but I'm not feeling it. At all. You can tell I don't like it just from the picture. Look at that careless application!

First Class Ticket
Riveter Rouge.
I wasn't sure I was going to like Ms. Riveter. I'm not too fond of wearing reds, but Riveter Rouge is gorgeous. A very Christmasy looking shimmery red with tiny gold sparkles of glitter in it. Riveter Rogue doesn't dry smooth like Midnight Mission does though. It drys a tad bumpy, but a thick top coat is a small price to may. Of course I imagine Riveter Rouge all dressed up in her Riveter Rosie boiler. Unfortunately my sun hid behind a cloud while I was taking pictures.

Riveter Rouge
Going My Way.
My surprise of the group. I thought I would hate Going My Way. I thought it wouldn't suit my skin tone. I thought that it would be drab. I thought so wrong. Going My Way is beautiful. It's a brown with golden shimmers and is stunning. It is truly a 'lit from within' Polish. And yes, if going my way asked, I would be going its way!

Going My Way
Classic Camel
Classic Camel is my second dislike of the set. It's just not right on me. Yes I know it's unusual but I just can't do it. Sure it's pretty enough in the bottle and even a nice enough colour on the nail, but then I looked at my whole hand and no. Classic Camel reminds me of honey mustard with shimmer. Yes the shimmer is very delicate and oh so pretty, but no matter how delicious honey mustard is on my sandwich I'm not keen on it on my nails. I imagine Classic Camel to be a lady in a gorgeous fall coat, ready for a walk through the park or a trip to the country side. I'm sure she'd be lovely, but I'm just not feeling it.

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