Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Some forgotten OPI's

Ok so I didnt really forget the polishes, I just forgot to post them.

These polishes were all bought during my horrible ring finger break. I swear at least half my nail snapped, whilst I was collecting boxes and trying to stuff them in the car boot for our move.

You're a Doll.
One of my now favourite polishes. It's so pretty. I'd been wanting to get my hands on it for awhile and I'm so glad I did. It's perfectly understated and demure, so lady like and pretty. But then it has another side. Cooper flecks. I had so many compliments at work, from the teachers not the kids! It must be a growed up colour.

You're a Doll
Brand New Skates.
This is another I wanted for a long time, but instead of loving it, I can't even say I like it. Brand New Skates is a lovely concept, shimmery grey with coopery gold flecks. But in reality it's sheer and doesn't suit my skin tone. I used three coats, I just didn't want to try anymore.

Brand New Skates
Italian Love Affair
I'm not having a love affair with this pink. It's thick and goopy. Yes a bit of thinner could solve it, but I'm not loving the colour either so I wont try. It'sa frosty pale pink. I had to use three coats even though it's so thick, because it was too goopy to go on smoothly enough for my liking.

Italian Love Affair
Don't Socra-tease Me.
Another I wanted for a very long time. I seem to really love the polishes in the Greek Isles Collection. Don't Socra-tease Me was no exception. Yes it's a tad sheer, but I can get over that because the colour is devine. So bright and vibrant, I'll just let it speak for it's self.

Don't Socra-tease Me

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