Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wizard of Ooh Ahz...Again

It was a 'lovely' cloudy day yesterday. The sun popped out occasionally and then it rained and it rained and it rained.

Being stuck inside by the french doors, which let so much light and warmth into our living room, I decided to play with some of my new China Glazes.

Cowardly Lyin.
A frosty yellow with gold sparkles. I don't think I can call it gold. It definitely yellow in my mind. Not my favourite colour, I'm actually considering getting rid of it. This was four coats. Yes it's goopy because I was impatient, if I'd been patient maybe 3 coats would have been enough.

Cowardly Lyin
Ok so looking at the pictures it's not that bad...but I still don't like it.

The Ten Man.
Another one I didn't like. I just didn't have a good experience with it! This is 4 coats, yes again I was impatient. I just wanted to get a picture and get it off. That's how much I didn't like it. It's pretty enough, but if I want a near white silver I have much better polishes. I'm just not feeling The Ten Man or Cowardly Lyin.

The Ten Man

I'm feeling this one alot more. It's a gorgeous purple and has purple glitter. Yes it dries bumpy and I have to top coat the crap out of it, but I don't care it's purple and glittery. I wore it to school on Friday, my girls loved it. I had a few jealous 8 year olds.

C-c-courage with flash.
C-c-courage in sunshine.
Good Witch.
Oh how I love Good Witch. It's pink and its glittery. It's perfectly girly and fluffy. It makes me think of Galinda in Wicked. I'm popular with my girls if I wear Good Witch. It's the perfect shade of pink I have been searching for, and it has glitter. Did I mention there's glitter! Not silver or gold, but pink glitter. It's amazing. I'm in love, move over Nick!

Good Witch.
Dorothy Who?
I can imagine Dorothy done up like Sandy at the end of grease. Black leather and blue glitter though, with big auburn hair. Yes I have an over active imagination, but I can see cartoon characters for each of these polishes...maybe one day I'll draw them and put them on here! I'll have to wait until my computer is back from the loan to my parents. Nick's just isn't the same for doing design work on. Dorothy who? Blue glitter, blue jelly, love.

Dorothy Who? in the shade.
Dorothy Who? with flash. Look at that sparkle!
Ruby Pumps.
I've said it before I'm not a red person, but Ruby Pumps is ever so pretty. I can see why it's a firm favourite of many. I myself plan to wear it to Nick's Christmas function next weekend, while dressed as Snow White. It's going to look so pretty! Lets hope I don't get too happy and talk too much about my pretty nails! Anyway Ruby Pumps, red glitter, red jelly, delicious! On a side note Up until my teenage years I always thought of pumps as sneakers. Hahaha silly me and my English mum calling my shoes pumps.

Ruby Pumps.

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