Saturday, December 4, 2010

Have you been Naughty or Nice?

I've finally finished writing all the reports, and marking all my kids work to go home next week. It is so much work and stress writing 23 reports and putting together portfolios for each kid as well.
I'm lucky I only have 23 in my class.

One holiday collection that has basically blown the others out of the water this year is China Glaze's Tis' the Season to be Naughty and Nice. 16 scrumptious shades of varying reds, greens, golds, whites, silvers, plums and even blue!

Snow is a white creme. I don't own another white creme, I've just never seen the need? So I'm glad I have Snow now. It's smooth and applies well. I'm happy with it.

Frosty is amazing. This is one of my favourite polishes from this collection. Pretty and delicate, sparkling and shimmery. It covered so much better than I anticipated. This is two coats. I'm considering wearing Frosty for my birthday this year.

Cheers to You is stunning a silver sparkling foil. I see Cheers to You and Midnight Kiss as the New Years polishes. I will most likely be wearing Cheers to You as my New Years polish this year.

Talking about Midnight Kiss here it is. Gorgeous shimmering gold foil. Midnight Kiss is a more yellow toned gold. I wore this one to Harry Potter because I felt something gold and sparkly was appropriate! Nick said it made my nails look longer.
Jingle Bells is the other gold in the collection. A warmer toned shimmer rather than a foil. Jingle Bells doesn't stand on my skin at the moment, with the slight tan I'm rocking. It blends in looking almost neutral. Jingle Bells is pretty, but I may save it for winter.
 I did not expect to like Peace on Earth. A glowing olive green shimmer. Not really the kind of colour I gravitate to, but it surprised me. Peace on Earth is spectacular in sunshine, it glows, shines from within and doesn't look too bad with my skin tone either.

Jolly Holly is amazing. A stunning green shimmer, that glows and if you're in a rush you can get away with one coat! Jolly Holly is so pigmented that I had no visible nail line after just one coat.

Mistletoe Kisses is another of my favourites from this collection. It's just so sparkly. I'm currently wearing the gorgeous Mistletoe Kisses on my toes. Dark mint green jelly with gorgeous shimmering silver glitter. Stunning!

Party Hearty has the potential to be a Christmas cult classic. It's a gorgeous glitter bomb. Red hex glitter, smaller green glitter and then even smaller gold glitter. The staple colours of Christmas in one gorgeous glitterific polish.

 Mrs Claus is another of my favourites. Light red pinkish jelly with silver and red glitters. It looks amazing on the nail. I wore this to class and my kids loved it. Even my boys wanted to see it sparkle.

Ruby Deer was the last of the collection that I acquired. I just didn't think I needed two red cremes. I was wrong, this is so much prettier than Phat Santa in my opinion. Vibrant red and awesome application

My photos of Phat Santa didn't work out so well, so here's Phat Santa with some Party Hearty layered. Phat Santa is darker than Ruby Deer and doesn't suit me as well. 

Mommy Kissing Santa is not one of the colours I normally reach for, but I wore it on my toes for a week and I'm now in love. A darker velvet looking red, in the shade it looked vampy and in the sunlight it shimmered and glowed. I'm considering Mommy Kissing Santa for my Christmas Day nails!

Sugar Plum is gorgeous a shimmering plum with holo sparkle. I just wish it wouldn't dry so bumpy! It reminds me of C-c-courage for texture. 

Naughty and nice is a deep plumy vampy jelly. It makes me wish that Christmas was in winter for us. I'm not one to wear dark vampy shades often, and I don't wear them in summer!

Little Drummer Boy is amazing. This is only one coat! It is as highly pigmented as Jolly Holly. Fab polish to use if you're in a rush. I'm just not sure I relate this shade of blue to Christmas...It may go into my winter colours stash.

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