Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Up and Away: Brights

I may not have felt much love towards the up and away pastels, but I'm loving the brights. As soon as I got them I rainbow skittled my nails.

Heli-yum is a delicious bright deep pink. It covered beautifully in 2 coats, though with most of these brights I thought I may be able to get away with one coat.


High Hopes.
Another delicious colour, it reminds me of delicious juicy fruit. A vibrant orangey/coraly colour. I know some people dislike corals, but I really like them. They always seem to pop against my skin. Not to mention it's so summery.

High Hopes

Happy Go Lucky.
The only one I needed three coats for, and that was because of my careless application! It's a bright sunny yellow that screams sunshine. I never thought yellow would look good on me, but I really do like Happy Go Lucky.

Happy Go Lucky

Four Leaf Clover.
Four Leaf Clover is an amazing vibrant green, in person, via camera it dulls out and turns a blue shade of green. Four Leaf Clover is a true green and its amazing. I've found my St Paddys day nail polish for years to come.

Four Leaf Clover

Flyin High.
A fantastic shade of blue. Slightly dusty with a slight teal tinge. Not a true sky blue but a beautiful colour.
All of these polishes are perfect for summer and Flyin High is no exception.

Flyin High

Grape Pop.
I have issues with purples, I just think they don't suit me. If I wear amethyst jewellery it casts a green tinge on my skin. So I'd been umming and ahhing over getting myself a nice vibrant purple creme. Grape Pop is amazing. It completely squashed my fears of purple. It photographed a tad too blue, but it's a vibrant true purple. Even better, I actually think it looks good on me!

Grape Pop

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