Friday, October 8, 2010


One thing I've loved about this school holidays is the amount of sunshine. It's been amazing. After such a dreary wet term it's just been so nice to see sunshine. I've spent most of my holidays in shorts and my new sandals.
I finally seem to be getting rid of the cough I've had for the last 5 weeks as well.

Yes 5 weeks.
I went to the doctor after I'd had it for 3 weeks and was feeling awful constantly. I was feeling faint and tired, no matter how much sleep I'd had. I was so cranky with my poor class as well. The doctor told me I was fine and to drink water, which I do any way. So yeah, back to avoiding the doctor at all costs again.

I spent the day outside doing bits and pieces in the garage, getting ready to move. One of the big things I needed to do was clean the fridge. We were lucky enough to be given a fridge by some friends moving country. It just needed cleaning. I slaved away cleaning the inside untill it was sparkling, but had never gotten round to doing the outside. So that was my big job for the day.

As I was cleaning the postie arrived and handed me a parcel saying that there was a card in the letter box to collect another parcel from the post shop as well.

The parcel he handed me was a thing rectangle and I thought for sure it was the bracelet I've been waiting for...

I opened it carefully to find two smaller boxes inside and some glorious OPI polishes.

Needless to say I was very excited. So here's what arrived. Unfortunately cleaning has taken a toll on my nails and I've had three breaks so I cant swatch them right now.

Mediterranean Moonlight and Don't Melbourne the Toast

Strawberry Margarita and La Paztively Hot

Teal the Cows Come Home and Sahara Sapphire

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