Saturday, October 23, 2010


Moving day. I’m exhausted. We were up till late trying to get the last things packed, then I was up for 8am to get things moved downstairs. We hired a truck that came with two strong guys to lift, but it was charged by the hour and we really wanted to keep everything under 3hours. So we moved all the furniture outside
I came to the house to let Nicks dad in so he could finish the painting in the laundry and Nick stayed with the furniture fending off vutlturistic garage salers. It wasn’t a garage sale! It was all our furniture we needed!
In the end we got all the furniture on and then off the truck at our new house in under 2hours!

The mover guys were amazing. Not only did they get the truck down our very long skinny drive but they were so efficient. Most things are set up now and unpacked, but theres still so much to do. 

The only major drama was the fridge. It was just too tall for the designated space. So out came to hack saw and down came the microwave shelf. Now Nick has somewhere to store his bottles of alcohol and fizzy and our fridge fits.

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