Thursday, October 21, 2010

Maori Potter?

ARGH! I’m really not a fan of the dentist. Yes I admit the drill isn’t loud, it doesn’t even sound like a drill. The rooms are pleasant, the dentist is gentle. I just really hate the injection. It’s not the needle, its feeling the anesthetic being shot into my gum. Lucky me…I needed a filling and as much as I hate the injection there is no way I’m getting a filling with out it. I still have nightmares about my final root canal appointment that started without an injection. 

Ok so maybe I shouldn’t have ordered all that sugar I received yesterday! But I don’t actually plan to eat it all at once! I thought it might be cool for Halloween. 

Talking about Halloween and exciting costumes, Nicks costume for his work Christmas Function arrived today. Harry Potter Gryffindor robes. I don’t know why he got Gryffindor, we both know he’s totally a Slytherin.  I was a bit disappointed in the robe, its an official Harry Potter costume, but its too long for me and too short for him. He how ever loves it as it is made from soft fleece material and is so snuggly. He says he wants to wear it all the time and it will be his new gaming costume. I say oh dear! Just imagine a tall Maori guy playing Medal of Honor wearing a Harry Potter robe…

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