Sunday, October 31, 2010

China Glaze and Internets!

We had a busy day today. I was supposed to sleep in, but I didn’t. I couldn’t, I was all awake and alert. So I got up and Nick went to make me an omelet, until he discovered that his electric frying pan had the Teflon coating peeling…not the best thing to go into your food, and we didn’t own a normal frying pan. So out we went to buy a normal frying pan, but even better we found an electric frying pan on sale for half price. We also decided to purchase a vodem. A pre-pay internet stick. It came with 2GB free usage and should tide us over until we get the net installed. Hopefully that will be next Friday.

After dad popped round yesterday more mail for me came. So when I went to visit, aka use their internet, I had another parcel to open.

It contained a number of China Glaze polishes, my first China Glazes, OPI polish thinner and Seche Vite top coat. It was a very exciting day. I can honestly say with my experience with the polishes that came today, I love China Glaze. Wow two that I tried were one coaters. Anyway back on track…In my parcel was Kiwi Cool-ada, Fairy Dust, Ick-a-bod-y, Sugar Plums, Frosty, Phat Santa, Jolly Holly and Party Hearty. 

OPI thinner, Fairy Dust, Ick-a-bod-y, Kiwi-Kool ada and Seche Vite Top Coat.
Kiwi Cool-ada is neon green. So bright. I plan to wear it with Fairy dust layered over top, to support Green House at the school athletics day next week. I’ll need to layer a white polish underneath if I want to get rid of my visible nail line. It depends how fussy I’m feeling!

Fairy dust is very pretty fine silver sparkles. Over Kiwi Kool-ada it’ll look just like Tinkerbell spilled all her pixie dust.

Ick-a-bod-y makes me feel halloween. Murky dark green with orange glitter. I probably wont wear this any other time of year but I do love it for Halloween!

Frosty, Phat Santa, Party Hearty, Jolly Holly and Sugar Plum

Sugar plums beautiful rich plumy colour with sparkles sprinkled throughout.  I got away with one coat when I applied this one!

Frosty is a pretty sparkly white. It looked just liked I’d left my nails in the freezer and ice crystals had started forming. 

Phat Santa is a rich red, I haven’t tried out yet, but cant wait to see how opaque it is. It covered on my nail wheel so beautifully. I was worried it’d be like OPI Thrill of brazil which I didn’t like, but it’s not!

Jolly Holly was another that seemed to be done after one coat when I was testing. I wasn’t into greens. Now I am, Jolly Holly is an amazing holly green I cant wait to wear.

Party Hearty looks so fun. So sparkly . This is the kind of glitter I like, thin enough to layer. It just adds gorgeous sparkle enhancing the polish underneath not obscuring it.

Sugar Plum, Frosty, Jolly Holly and Kiwi-Kool ada with Fairy Dust.

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