Friday, October 1, 2010

OPI Purple-Opolis

One OPI collection I seem to be collecting a few polishes from is the Greek Isles Collection from 2004.

So far I have Melon of Troy, Dancing in the Isles, Aphrodites Pink Nightie, Greece Blue Me Away and Purple-Opolis. It's All Greek to Me and Don't Socra-tease are on my want want want list. I just havent found a decent excuse to order them yet! That whole saving to move into my new house thing...

Yesterday I was wearing Thrill of Brazil on my nails when dad came in and said he really didnt like the red. He seemed to think red was cheap and common looking. Admitably I did buy Thrill of Brazil for my toes.

Thrill of Brazil

I wasn't really feeling the red to begin with, but then dads comment just made my nails look worse.
So I took it off and got out Purple-Opolis. I don't think of it as a purple, maybe a red violet?

Purple-Opolis is a gorgeous shimmery bright purpley pinky violety you can tell I don't have the right word to describe the colour!

Purple-Opolis in sunlight

Purple-Opolis in sunlight

Purple-Opolis with flash.

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