Saturday, October 30, 2010

My First Orly's

Interesting day. Today I had a student grab my boobs. Granted it was one of my special needs students, but I totally wasn’t expecting her to grab my boobs as if she was going to say honk!

Dad popped round while I was at work and saw Nick. He came round to grab some undercoat, so they could start painting my childhood bedroom…ok my teenage bedroom. Funnily enough they love the colour I painted my new bedroom so much that my old bedroom is going to be the same colour. He also dropped of a parcel for me.

I bought my first Orly polishes. The Cosmic FX collection was realesed yesterday on my trusty online retailers website. Very exciting as I haven’t seen them in the shops here, although I may not have been looking! Who wants to pay $22.50 for a nail polish? I ordered the dark half of the collection. Wow they look amazing in the bottles, but I’m having a bit of trouble on the application. I’m so used to my OPI’s prowide brush, that the Orly brush is just not happening for me yet. I’m butchering it.
Space Cadet, Galazy Girl and Out of this World
Galaxy Girl is beautiful. I love the turquoise sheen, but I’m not sure I can pull off the dark deep maroon purple. The weathers finally getting warmer so I’m not sure such an autumn colour will work for me when I just want to see summer on my nails!
Galaxy Girl (Sunshine)
Galaxy Girl (Shade)
Space Cadet is amazing as well. I know it gets love from everyone, but in all honesty I cant say I’m feeling it. Its beautiful but almost too much on my nails. Then again I do love my pinks and neautrals!
Space Cadet (Sunshine)
Space Cadet (Shade)
Out of this World is my favourite of the three. Its deep dark blue/purple with pretty pink, purple, silverish sheens. Yes it’s not so douchromey, but it’s a stunning colour. I love it. I put it on straight away, but really messed up the application, so off it came.
Out of this World (Sunshine)
Out of this World (Shade)
Along with my Orly’s I received two OPI’s. Flit a Bit and Extra-Va-Vaganza. I forgot to empty my cart lol.
Flit a Bit and Extra-Va-Vaganza
Flit a Bit is amazing. It was almost a one coater. It’s the perfect sunny orange. I love it.

Extra-Va-Vaganza is not as orange as I thought. I’d hoped to be able to layer it over black for a sparkly Halloween look, but it’s not as orange as I thought and much thicker than I wanted. Yes I already own two of the burlesque glitters but this one seems to be more densly packed with glitter. Pretty yes, but me? I’m not sure, I’m not feeling Simmer and Shimmer or Sparkle-icious either. I know bad polish addict! Not loving glitters.

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