Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Revlon Glitters and other awesome parcels

Glitter! I went back to mum and dad’s today…I had a sneaky suspicion I’d have packages and I needed a prescription from the doctor near their house.  

I had three parcels waiting for me at ‘my seat’.

First was a pair of yellow sneakers. They look very light and breathable, perfect for my early morning cross training. 

Second was very exciting. My beauty and the beast bracelet. My favourite movie of all time is Beauty and the Beast. I’ve been waiting for this bracelet to arrive for over a month. So I was very excited to open a package and find my Disney Couture Beauty and the Beast, story book charm bracelet inside.
I love the fact it comes in a book. Perfectly fitting as we all know Belle loves her books. The version I ordered came with the standard castle charm, a rose, an ice cream sundae, a bow and a cameo of Belle. Beautifull!

My third parcel was just as exciting as my Belle charm bracelet. Revlons 2010 Glitters! Star, Slipper, Belle and Galaxy. Yes I did develop an interest because one of the polishes was named for my favorite princess. As soon as I opened the parcel, and unwrapped my polishes, I opened Belle and applied it straight to my nails. I was wearing OPI You’re a Doll, a colour I’m newly in love with. Belle’s silver holo glitter and silver hex glitter looks amazing over You’re a Doll. I cant stop staring at my nails. So much so that when talking to Nick I was staring past him to my nails. They look amazing.

Belle over OPI You're a Doll (sunshine)

Belle over OPI You're a Doll (shade)
Slipper, Belle, Galaxy and Star

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