Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Today was a crazy busy day. It’s getting closer and closer to the weekend when we move in, and progress seems to be slowing on our house. It doesn’t help I want it to be finished by Thursday so we can clean on Friday. Lucky for me I was able to get away from work early and actually help.
It’s been so frustrating not being able to help because I’ve been stuck at work. Everyone else has been working so hard. Nick, his dad, my parents, Angela and even Brad has been helping. Well helping as much as a 4 year old can.

When I finally got home I had a parcel waiting. Five gorgeous new shades of OPI to play with. Wrapped ever so carefully in my parcel were; Brand New Skates, You’re a Doll, Simmer and Shimmer, Don’t Socra-tease me and Italian Love Affair.

I’ve been wanting You’re a Doll for so long now and I’m not disappointed in it. It’s everything I thought it would be. On the other hand I’m  really not loving Italian Love Affair. I wanted a pretty pale pink, but now I don’t want it at all. Bleh.

I was also lucky enough to get another parcel…it had gummy colas, sour bears and sour snakes. YUM!

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