Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dollish Does Polish

I just typed out three lines of text, which never appeared....Maybe 3pm was a little early to start on the cocktails?

It's the school holidays. That is a good thing!

My holidays didn't start out as planned though. Rather than having a fun pet themed day at school with my kids. I had a day in accident and emergency at Wellington Hospital.
Nick has nephrotic syndrome and he started showing the symptoms of a relapse. Unfortunately his specialist was away when we tried to contact her, then his symptoms got worse over night, so we had an unplanned trip to the hospital.

Luckily we got through the system pretty fast (well fast for A&E... they take kidneys seriously) and Nick wasn't admitted. They gave him a very high dose of drugs and an appointment Monday. They'll be reevaluating on Monday, so hopefully the drugs will kick in nicely and he'll return to normal kidney function fast.

Anyway on to polish!

I originally bought four polishes from the Dollish Does Polish collection, but I loved them so much I ordered three more. No it wasn't just because the names make me snicker, I really do love these polishes. I'm feeling glittered out.

Lipstick Around Your Dipstick
I missed out on this one the first time round, but when it came back it jumped into my cart and dragged two other polishes with it! Lipstick Around your Dipstick is an amazing red/pink colour. Very bright and vibrant, perfectly summery!

Skeet, Skeet, Skeet
I lead a sheltered life... or am not familiar with colloquialisms from America? Either way I had to urban dictionary this one. I understand it now...
But Skeet, Skeet, Skeet is a very flattering yellow. i normally steer clear of yellows but this Autumn I've found two I love. Dollish polish Skeet, Skeet, Skeet and Cult Nails Feel Me up.

Slippery When Wet

I have no idea why Slippery When Wet didn't make it into my first order. Maybe I was trying to be good? Slippery When Wet is an amazing bright blue. i don't think I need to say anything else... look at the pictures.

I'm tempted to order the final two polishes I'm missing, but then I'd have to admit to myself I should have just ordered the entire set when they were released.

Oh well back to margaritas and baking chocolate brownies for me.


  1. I had to urban dictionary Skeet too!!! I think we're quite lucky to live in NZ cos GROSS!!!! I love that your two fav yellows have both got DIRTY names!!!! Lipstick around your dipstick is my favourite of the collection! You managed to get great pics! All my photos sucked!

  2. Haha, I didn't order Toss My Salad because I urban dictionary'd it and was like...ummm...???

    Lol...yellow must just be a dirty colour for me.

    And it took me more than one swatching attempt to get these pictures!

  3. Loving the pink and the blue - I cannot pull off these yellows on my skin tone. Great photos. So sorry to hear about Nick - I am hoping they are not pumping him full of steroids - they are so hard on the system. Interesting comment about 'getting through the system.' My ears perk up now days about all things with regard to govt based medical with all that has happened in the US - and we have no idea really what the system will bring. Something has to be done however - it cannot go on as it has been. Just not sure anyone really knows how to make it all work best. Hoping that Nick improves and the Monday appt goes well.

    1. Oh and am with ya on the saturation point with glitter polish. I am on a no buy with regard to glitters now - I seem to not wear many that I have and hate the chunky finishes. I can wear another finish for days and love it, not getting tired of it - but put on a glitter and I am tired of how it looks unless it's just a really sheer topper coat.

    2. I can't pretend to know too much about health systems... but we are lucky in New Zealand that as a citizen our public hospital system is free. I'm even luckier because my GP is at a clinic that is in a lower socioeconomic area and is subsidized again. $35 for an appointment instead of $60+ depending on where you go.

      Normally a trip to our family doctor would occur before a trip to A&E but Nick's a special case. Even the renal physician at the hospital had to consult higher powers to decide what to do with him.

      Unfortunately he did get a high dose of prednisone, he's gone from 5mg up to 60mg. He's classed as steroid resistant, so we'll see how it goes.

      I know what you mean about chunky finishes... not loving them at all. I put on glitters at the moment and seem to take them off again 5 min later.