Thursday, July 12, 2012

China Glaze: On Safari

I only picked up three of the new China Glaze On Safari polishes... I wanted more... but I was good I only picked up three.

Exotic Encounters
Exotic Encounters is the perfect green tone for me. I wear a lot of dusky colours with heavy blue tones. True greens are not really my colour at all. I struggled to find something green green to wear for St Patrick's day. Exotic Encounters is a dusky greyed out colour and is a blue green... score! Also I have nothing else like it and it's perfect in two coats.

I'm Not Lion
Well my darling is a Leo and rater likes lions...especially on crests. So I had to pick up I'm not Lion. I ended up using two coats here. Unfortunately my picture doesn't capture the yummy holo goodness. I was actually really surprised when I got my bottle to see just how holo it was.

I Herd That
And lastely I Herd That. I was expecting I Herd That to be the orangey version of I'm Not Lion. It's not. I Herd That doesn't have the same amount of holo. It's made up of copper and orange toned glitters. Very pretty and perfect in two coats again.


  1. Beautiful! Great photos - you are sure talented! :)

  2. I tried to be as good as you, really... but i ended up with 6 or 7 :( I'm actually a little bit disappointed that I herd that is so similar to the milani 1 coat glitter in gold flash and I have 1 more polish that's real close too!! I love I'm Not Lion and Exotic Encounters on you!!!

    1. I was only good because I was ordering the neons as

      I did some serious purging so I Herd That is more unique in my collection now.

  3. you picked three good ones :D