Friday, July 13, 2012

China Glaze: Prismatic

I wasn't sure if i truely needed to buy the China Glaze Prismatic polishes. I know a lot of people in nail polish land seemed to think they were a bit of a let down... well when something is described as holographic, you kind of expect it to be. Sadly these polishes were not the reincarnated OMG or Kaleidoscope collections. Instead they were pretty duochromatic confetti glitters.

I decided on four polishes to buy from this collection.


Optical Illusion

Full Spectrum

Liquid Crystal
In all honesty these are some pretty polishes, but I think the only one I love love love is Liquid Crystal. I could live with out the other three. In fact i don't think I've worn them yet... Maybe I'll rock them on my nails this spring when the weather starts getting warmer and I feel like sparkly pastel glitters.  I have worn Liquid crystal and it looked awesome. I kept checking my nails to see the confetti of colours in the glitter and the duo chrome action. Not a good combo when you're driving...


  1. liquid crystal is the only one that really looks duochromey!! suits you too, are you blue eyed by any chance? i only got full spectrum and it's ok but i havent worn it yet either!!!

  2. I can see the duochrome in the others... but Full Spectrum and Ray-dient are just too pale.

    Lol... yes I have blue eyes. Blue is a staple colour in my wardrobe.