Thursday, June 28, 2012

China Glaze: Tequila Toes

I've been meaning to post these gorgeous polishes for a while now, but just never felt the time was right.

There's two days left until the holidays start. I'm out of class on release today and tomorrow we're having a 'Golden Day' a fun day to reward the kids who have been good all term. I'm really starting to feel the holidays now!

So what better way to celebrate than with the China Glaze Tequila Toes collection. Unfortunately I haven't been able to track down Tequila Toes or It's 5 o'clock Somewhere. I do have four stunning polishes from the collection though...and there is no way I'm ever parting with any of them. Just one look at these polishes puts me into holiday party mood. I want to sip cocktails by the pool now! Ok...that would probably be a bad's gorgeously sunny here right now, but absolutely freezing. Blah winter!

100  Proof Pink
One of my favourite pink polishes ever. 100 Proof Pink is a stunning summer pink filled with glass flecks.

No Way Jose
I love love love No Way Jose. Very similar to another alcoholic China Glaze polish Shaken Not Stirred, but more purple and less pink. I love the glass flecks in these polishes, the silvery shimmer against the creamy base. This is a 3 coater.
Drinkin' My Blues Away
If you are in love with Drinkin' My Blues away and don't need it for the name alone hunt down Blue Years Eve from the holiday collection last year... they are almost identical. Blue Years Eve has better coverage, but I needed this one for the name! 3 coats. 

On the Rocks
On the Rocks is a pretty although very sheer polish. The aqua flash is ever so pretty when layered. This was 4 coats. Told you it was sheer!

Unfortunately this collection is pretty difficult to find and can go for crazy prices on ebay. I was lucky enough to find these polishes at reasonable prices on ebay. You just need to do a bit of searching and work out how much you're willing to spend to get this glass fleck beauties with alcoholic names! Everyone needs a polish called Drikin' My Blues Away...


  1. i so want 100 proof pink and no way jose!!!!

  2. I just saw No Way Jose on ebay for $7.95... not that I'd enable or anything...

    1. For about 1.5 yrs, No Way Jose had a shortage and the prices were higher. Then seems a ton of it showed up on the secondary market. Prices went down from $15-$17/bottle to what you are seeing on eBay now. It's really worth picking up a bottle of it. It's a really unique shade that will continue to wear well through the years in terms of not going out of trend.

  3. Tequila Toes and It's 5O'Clock Somewhere are both great but hard to find. I was lucky to nab all of these about 2 yrs ago when you could still find them. So glad to hear you also think Blue Years Eve is really close to Drinkin My Blues Away. I thought the same thing - in fact I like Blue Years Eve a bit better - it's a tish more saturated (maybe darker) blue. I was in love with Blue Years Eve the min. I saw it and gathered up about 3 bottles of it.

    1. I have to say I agree. I like Blue Years Eve better, it has far better coverage and it does appear more blue.