Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sinful Colors

Well my holidays are totally not how I expected them. Nick's off work and totally messing up all my plans. He might be back at work on Thursday... I love him to bits but I had me/work time planned for the holidays... and I'm the worst nurse ever.

I'm currently going through my folder of nail pics, cleaning up and working out what has/hasn't been posted. I found a whole folder of Sinful Colors beauties that I never posted. Shame on me! These are too gorgeous to hide away in a folder on my desktop. Most of these are from the Castaway collection.

Oh Zeus how I love you! I would marry you, if I wasn't already married. Zeus is a dusty greyed out purpley/bluey colour with the most amazing pink shimmer. I've seen some people complain about sheerness but my bottle was perfect. I used two coats here.

Greek Isles
So everyone knows any shade of blue/green is my favourite colour ever, so I had to have Greek Isles. it's darker than China Glaze For Audrey but I've seen a comparison or two say it's dupey of Zoya Wednesday.

Grecian Sun
Grecian Sun is my go to blue. I love it. Such a bright, fun, happy colour. I have made a serious dent in my bottle already. Grecian Sun was two coats of perfection. I really do love Sinful Colors cremes.

Neptune. Argh, Sinful Colors why do you include a Roman god in a Greek collection? At least Neptune is a very pretty blue with serious shimmer. I found Neptune a pain to work with. Kind of gluggy? But it makes up for it being such a stunning colour.

Island Coral
Island Coral is the first polish I have today that is not from the Castaway collection. It is more of a jelly finish, very squishy. It's pretty but kind of boring. Good for a lady like spring day?

Pandora is a bit of a weird one. Actually I'm lost for words trying to describe the colour... but what ever shade of orange you would call it... Pandora looks out of place among the blues and greens. Pandora does have some pretty shimmer though and an easy formulae to work.

Cinderella is another polish not from the Castaway collection. I bought this one for the name. I am a Disney princess at heart after all. Unfortunately I didn't like Cinderella on me at all. This was three coats.

Olympia was my surprise love from the Castaway collection. I really didn't expect to love this odd shade of green but I do. It looks amazing on and has a fantastic formulae. I really can't fault Sinful Colors cremes.

Athens is the last one I have from the castaway collection. It's darker than Greek isles and I actually like Athens more. Once again, Athens had a fantastic formulae and I used two coats.


  1. I only had a couple Sinful colors until I started hearing/seeing Cinderella and then followed up by the Greek Islands collection - we did not get either of these collections in my town - but then we never do get this brands collections. We only have about 3 small shelves of core shades. So I was curious and ordered a couple of the shades off evil bay from the Greek Isles collection. I love Neptune - the goofed up name that missed the editors at Sinful somehow and seems most users that blog caught the goof right off. I have Zeus and mine is not nearly as pretty as your photos show it to be - maybe I need to try it again and use an 'underwear' base other than my normal light beige in Orly's Bonder - my fav of all base coats. It's a ridge filler but most of all, I just like the fact it gives a flat shade to my often stained/yellowed toe nails. Glad you found these in your files - makes me want a few more from the ones you have shown if I can find them for a decent price point. Sending well wishes to Nick and I am sure you are a better nurse than you think you are! I left RN school after a few weeks and went for my degree in clinical laboratory medicine instead. I was much better in lab medicine then I would have been as an RN despite where I lived even 2 yr RN's made and still make more money than do 6 yr degree lab technologists. Never could figure that one out!

    1. I had to order these Sinful Colors off ebay, the chemist that does stock Sinful Colors near me has about 20 old colours.

      I've worn Zeus a few times now. Each time has been a sunny day though and the shimmer has been prominent.

      And no really I'm a useless nurse. I'm good with kids... not sick adults! Nick seems much better this morning. It's just getting the excess water out of his system now.

  2. I know you posted this like, a long time ago but your swatches are beautiful! Now, thanks to your pics, I need to get 3 of those colors to add to my collection lol!

    Also, I wanted you to know that Neptune, is the Roman God of the Sea (http://www.roman-colosseum.info/roman-gods/list-of-roman-gods.htm)

    I apologize if this offends or anything. I just wanted you to know.

    1. No offence at all :) Neptune is the Roman god...but Posiedon is the Greek. Which would have been much more fitting for a Greek inspired collection!
      In all honesty I still love this collection. I wish I could find a back up for Grecian Sun!