Thursday, May 31, 2012

Indie: Lush Lacquer

I am an etsy addict. I don't like all the indie polish drama...but omg I love indie polishes.

One indie polish that is fast becoming one of my absolute favourites is Lush Lacquer.
Lush Lacquers have an amazing range of glitter polishes. So far I've worn five of the polishes I bought and my class have loved them.

Today I have three to show off.

Birthday Cake
OMG. Birthday Cake is amazing. White shimmery base with so many glitters. I love the strings. I used three coats.

Slime Time over CG Gaga for Green
I tried Slime Time alone but it was a bit thick for me when I had to do three coats. Slime Time is how ever an awesome glitter topper. I think next time I'll wear it over a darker green... maybe CG Near Dark.

Spring Fling over CG Dance Baby
Spring Fling was another that could be built up but I decided to layer. Such a pretty shimmery pink with green! Awesome combo and very spring appropriate!

My favourite of the ones I purchased is Birthday Cake, it's just amazing in person.


  1. I love ALL of these!!

  2. ijfiw4ehiwl4jnfljrnf now i want birthday cake

    1. It's amazing isn't it? At least Lush Lacquer always seems to be in stock :)