Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wellington Food Show

On Saturday I went to the Wellington Food Show with mum. Mum scored free tickets from work so it was a nice cheap day out for us. I'm not sure I would have wanted to pay $25 to go though.

It was at the Westpac Stadium and wow.... it was packed. I get kind of agitated in closed in spaces with a lot of people... So I had to be on my best behaviour and try to not get snappy! I was successfully nice the whole time. (Don't take me to the mall or supermarket on a Saturday morning though).

Anyway I didn't buy much... but here are my goodies!

My food show goodies...
nom nom... lemon meringue and caramel swirl fudge
I think my favourite purchase has to be the juice. I love bitter, sour tastes. Lime and Lemon juices at the supermarket never seem to be tart enough for me. This juice is awesome. Yea it's not sour but it's still tart and oh so refreshing.

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