Monday, May 28, 2012

RBL: Fan Collection

So I have a problem... I think the correct term may be shopping addiction...
Confessions of a Shopaholic? Rebecca Bloomwood ain't got nothing on me.

I'm trying to reform... but it's just so hard when stunning collections like the RBL fan Collection come along and then they say LIMITED EDITION. Limited edition screams at me with neon flashing lights and tells me I need to buy it...

I did only buy three of the polishes... at $20 a pop and with the shipping basically equaling the price of a fourth bottle I decided I didn't need IKB:2012... but then it sold out and all of a sudden I need it. I don't even really want it... I just need it. I think I need professional help. Luckily for my credit card I wont be trying to get my hands on IKB:2012. I am thoroughly happy with the three gorgeous polishes I got :)

Aqua Lily


Aqua Lily is most definitely my favourite though...


  1. Aqua lily sure is gorgeous.

  2. Your swatches of Aqua lily are some of the nicest I've seen. Lovely.

  3. I'm in love with Aqua Lily. BTW your nails are looking lovely and long :)

  4. Darn! I didn't want Aqua Lily until I saw your swatch! Gorgeous.