Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dollish Polish: I'll Have What She's Having

This is the last of my Dollish /Polish polishes for awhile... at least until we get some more sunshine. Unfortunately we're coming into winter so it's getting dark earlier and we're getting more and more cloud cover.

I expected I'll Have What She's Having to have better coverage, but I got over that when I found what I think is the perfect base for it. Color Club Foil Me Once.

Two coats of I'll Have What She's Having over Color Club Foil Me Once 
 Very sparkly and very shiny. I think It's a fabulous combination.


  1. i agree, the coverage is average and then it gets so thick when you try to layer it!! I think a tinted base would have solved that issue, but it does look great over Foil Me Once!!