Sunday, May 6, 2012

China Glaze: Sunshine Pop

It's a beautiful sunny day here in Wellington. It was a freezing cold morning though. There was still ice on my car at 8am when I went out to take Nick to the bus. I got him down to the bus and then drove home as fast as I legally could and jumped straight back into bed... I have self control issues when it comes to getting up on cold mornings.

I plan to spend the day tidying up the house after having a few drinks last night the kitchen and lounge are horrendous. Apparently Nick doesn't want to play movie drinking games with me again :(. Who'd have though drinking every time Snowy was smarter than a human could be so brutal in Tintin? Darn dog being so smart. Then he thought playing by my rule of drinking any time someone was referred to by a letter in Men in Black was a good idea... hahaha. Yeah I need to clean the house now .

After I've cleaned up the house I have some stunning polishes to swatch. I'm rather excited to be honest. Three polishes from the RBL fan collection, some Dollish Polish, a few from All that Glitters, the rest of the Color Club Poptastic collection... oooohhhh it's going to be fun!

Since it is such a stunning day I thought I'd share my swatches of China Glaze Sunshine Pop (I have swatched the whole collection... just need to put it up).

China Glaze Sunshine Pop
Now that's a yellow polish I can love!