Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Little Bit Naughty with Dollish Polish

Long time no post!

I've been wrapped up in a book series and been very busy with school. We had a magic show on Thursday night. It was super cute seeing the kids do magic tricks but I didn't get home until after 10pm.
Now I've gone and lost my voice. The last two days I've basically been able to make squeaks that sometimes resemble words. Nick has been thoroughly enjoying my lack of voice and told me to yell for him if I need him. So sympathetic.

Anyway here's the four polishes I picked up from the Dollish does Polish collection from Dollish Polish.

Baby Gravy

The Walk of Shame

Dinning at the Pink Taco

A Bad Case of Blue Balls
I know a lot of people were disappointed that these weren't glitters, like the polishes Dollish Polish is best known for, but I really like the four that I picked up. They're nice bright summery polishes and the names make me giggle like a teenager.


  1. These are quite lovely!! I'm really loving that blue (hilarious name!! XD) Actually, these are all gorgeous!

    I hope that you feel better soon!!

    1. Thanks! I'm feeling much better today :)

      They are very pretty polishes and deserve more love than they have been getting.

  2. Great swatches! Especially love the blue one:)