Monday, May 21, 2012

Dollish Polish: A bit of Spam

I should be planning and organising for my class tomorrow... But hey I deserve a break...right? And maybe some chocolate...

Anyway pretty glitter always puts a smile on my face and I love Dollish Polish glitters.

Ecpecto Patronum

Putting on the Ritz over Zoya Sookie

The Three Best Friends That Anyone Could Have ( I plan to try this over Misa Fountain of Youth in the weekend)

One coat of Random Dancing

Two coats of Random Dancing over a pink OPI (I can't remember which I ended up using)

Team Salvatore over Revlon Stone Washed

Does anyone else find black glitter squares can get clunky? I mean they just sometimes seem to be thicker than the other glitters.

Argh back to planning for me... It's my night to do work. Nick is at work until 9pm so I work until then. Generally with MTV on... but still working!


  1. I can't decide which swatch is my favourite, they're all so good!

  2. they are all really beautiful. How can i buy these all I really very impress with your art.
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  3. Ecpecto Patronum is fabulously gorgeous! I don't get the name though? They are all beauties.

  4. Love these! I really want expecto patronum and random dancing!
    @ Anne Thompson: Expecto patronum is a Harry Potter reference

  5. Oh Expecto Patronum, how I need you! Can't get enough of these glitters in milky bases :)